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ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Videos

Here is a selection of videos about ERP Enterprise Resource Planning as well as ERP consultants and enterprise resource planning implementation methodology ...

How to Become an ERP, HCM or CRM Consultant
Consulting advice from an ERP industry expert.
Read more about what is ERP.

Reality of Being an ERP consultant (Enterprise Resource Planning)
This video answers the following questions: Should I pursue a career in consulting? Will consulting be the right choice for me? What do I need to know before joining consulting? What to expect as a consultant at a big 4 consulting firm (Deloitte, EY, PwC, KPMG).
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Changing Career From Finance to ERP Consulting?
If you're a finance graduate and thinking to get into an ERP consulting career this is a must watch video. Here are all details to help you make a better choice.
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The Top 20 ERP Consultant Interview Questions and Answers
These top 20 ERP consultant interview questions and answers feature the main areas you should focus on. Over the years, enterprise resource planning continues to gain popularity as companies increase efforts to integrate their departments and functions. ERP consultants help businesses to create and implement ERP solutions to optimize services, business processes and human resource management.
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Your First 10 years as ERP Consultant
This video focuses On the work you will be doing as an ERP Consultant in the coming 10 years or so. It's a MUST WATCH if you want to take an informed decision before jumping into an ERP Consulting career.
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What do the ERP consultants actually do?
This video explains step by step the position of an ERP consultant.
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Life as a Consultant - Job Description of an ERP Consultant
Understanding what ERP Consultancy is and how it functions within Evosys.
Read more about ERP implementation methodology.

A Beginner's Guide to ERP Consulting
Learn all about ERP consulting, the hours, the lifestyle, compensation, pros and cons, what you do, hierarchy ...
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ERP software Explained
A brief introduction about ERP software and how it helps control information and the flow of information across your enterprise.
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Why Do You Need an ERP consultant?
The consultant’s responsibility is to provide precise, concise advice regarding which software to select, which modules to choose within the software, and how to make the best use of your purchase. So the objective of an ERP solution consultant is making sure you make the right decision at the start rather than suffer from buyer’s remorse later.
Read more about what is ERP.

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What is SAP ERP System - An In-Depth Overview and Definition

By Eli Griffin
Gone are the days when a typical office environment consisted of separate computer systems in each department. When the efficiency and convenience of linking these systems together was discovered, the concept of interfacing was born. It is quite difficult to imagine how businesses today can run without an interlinked computer system.

What Are ERP Implementation Best Practices?

By Matt Murren
The first one of these tips for the best practices of ERP implementation is to involve all users in the planning stages of the process. During the planning stages, a time line and budget needs to be devised. This helps the company stay on track when things get rough or unsettling. It is also imperative that all employees know what is happening, and how things will change in the future. Some companies make the mistake of only telling a few employees of the process.

Lesson For Software Development Companies From 2009 Recession

By B. A. Sagar
One of the lessons learnt during 2009 global recession is "changed definition of leadership". Old perception, based on ideological thoughts and assumptions described in management books is now getting replaced with actionable knowledge and ability to think different. New managers and leaders are appraised on new parameters like....and this has created "either lead or follow or get out of the way" environment in the organizations.

Is it Worth Hiring an Independent Consultant for Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project

By Sheldon Needle
Selecting software for your business can be a daunting task. This article describes the benefits/risks of hiring an independent consultant to help you make this important business decision.

Implementing Change - ERP - Practical Perspectives

By Sameer Kamboj
Implementing Change - Practical Problems to be kept in mind during ERP implementations. We are dealing with some practical issues related to introducing change. Though there are many areas which require pragmatic solutions, but I am touching a specific issue related to ERP implementation.

Small ERP Software For SME Companies to Increase Their Productivity

By Ryan Mutt
A small ERP for SME is a compressive consolidated package with multiple functions. It is like a magic wand that eliminates the cost and at the same time improves the work quality.

Small ERP Software For SME Companies to Increase Their Productivity

By Ryan Mutt
A small ERP for SME is a compressive consolidated package with multiple functions. It is like a magic wand that eliminates the cost and at the same time improves the work quality.

Influence of IT in Textile Business

By Gaurav Doshi
Textile Supply Chain has been highly influenced by four important features of Information Technology; these features are: Information integration, Planning synchronisation, Workflow coordination and new business models. It is also come across that these IT applications facilitate the execution of several theories of supply chain management, like constant refilling, vendor administered refilling, planned postponement etc.

5 Open Source ERP Solutions For Your Small-Medium Business

By Joe Benjamin
To support innovation and growth, many small and medium companies are turning to enterprise software solutions to help them improve customer visibility, streamline operational activities and increase commercial transparency inside their organization. Open source ERP solutions provide a free,robust and SME friendly solution. Learn which open source ERP solutions are right for your business.

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