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Canceling Maintenance On Erp Software

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Canceling Maintenance On Erp Software

This year will go down under the column of "times are tough". If you're a business trying to keep your head above water it's a well known fact that the water is rising fast and furiously. Every owner is doing their best trying to decide what is important enough to keep and what can be let go until the waters start to recede.

Do the employees get cut or do the operations take the hit? Usually it's easier to let the things we can't see be dispersed, as the old saying goes: out of sight - out of mind.

Getting rid of or canceling maintenance on ERP software is always a solution for saving money when budgets need to be cut. While some managements may think that not having a maintenance program for your internal workings is ok, there are others that think this solution is catastrophic.

Service contracts will usually allow an upgrade when things start to grow, without that agreement all hope of upgrading is thrown out the window. Once the contract is reinstated there is a big possibility of having to fork out more money for that upgrade.

Knowing that companies have solutions from places like Epicor that makes available CRM, SCM and other programs and software solutions along with services makes it easy. When thinking about canceling maintenance on ERP software, looking at the vantage point can turn the decision around about keeping or discarding the service of maintenance.

In today's market when money is scarce, management needs to be certain that the canceling will not have negative effects in the long run. If the future of the companies depend on the IT aspect then the last thing that needs to be cut would be the contract for maintenance.

Understanding that the visibility of the contract is not very high doesn't mean that it's not needed. Some of the best solutions our companies use are not seen. There are plenty of sources out there to store, generate and route all data needed in each company.

The biggest tie breaker is which company is going to step forward and stay in business and which ones are not going to advance at all? So why in this day and age of massive amounts of information would anyone want to take a chance on losing what is so precious to them?

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